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An organisation’s environment affects, and is affected by, the health and wellbeing of employees.

Organisations have a duty of care to provide a healthy and safe environment for its employees. Bench Markers such as Investors in People advocate that this duty of care is integrated into the management structures of the organisation. A Health and Wellbeing policy is evidence of this integration. However, the issue of health often emerges with symptoms of ill health such as high sickness absence, poor performance, difficult working relations, low job satisfaction and stress. Review of existing structures is called for and external help may be needed.

Organisations can be badly affected by sickness absence. It is recognised that it is in an organisation’s interests to provide support to help employees get back to work as quickly as possible. Health interventions and counselling can help some of the main reasons for absence including stress, depression, anxiety and relationship problems.

How healthy is your organisation?

Management and communication systems are ways to assess the health of your organisation and to understand what works well and what needs to be improved. Sometimes, however, these do not uncover or help make sense of problems.

West Sussex Counselling offers:

  • staff consultation
  • Staff surveys or in-depth interviews

  • Team consultation

    • Working with the whole team to identify its strengths and positive resources alongside exploring what the team struggles with and what it needs to achieve its goals.

Help and Support for Organisations

The interventions offered by West Sussex Counselling include:

  • Individual Counselling

    • Contactable through publicised telephone number

    • Telephone assessment

    • Where counselling is not appropriate signposting to relevant services or community resources

    • Up to 6 counselling sessions with a qualified and experienced counsellor either

    • 6 monthly activity report and service evaluation

  • Skills training including stress management and assertiveness

  • Conflict resolution for a difficult relationship at work

  • Group Facilitation

    • Identifying and working through more complex dynamics within a team that might have evolved from a critical incident, history of changes, unclear boundaries or roles and responsibilities.

  • Couples Counselling

    • Provided as for Individual counselling above

How do you know what you have done has helped?

West Sussex Counselling offers follow up evaluation for any interventions delivered providing feedback for the organisation to respond to its ever changing needs.

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